Guardian Dragon for Toon

This is one of the murals that I loved doing most. Why? Because my best friend Harmen asked me to draw something on the wall for his unborn son Toon. Harmen and Judith transformed a part of their own bedroom into a babycorner. They Already put some blue and green paint on the wall in the shape of a small house. So I already had something to start with.

Harmen has a big Japanese Dragon tattoo on his arm, so what to make was pretty easy, a small, friendly  version of that. They gave me total freedom, so I applied some different techniques than usual. I worked with different paint, and I used a brush and ink for the first time in a mural to make the lines. I loved working this way!

Now Toon sleeps under the watchful eye of Herman the Dragon. Sleep tight little man!

The Pigeonman takes over The Student Hotels Headquarters in Amsterdam

This mural is located inside the Student Hotel Headquarters in Amsterdam. I got asked to make a mural while the office was still being build. The mural would have to be in line with the spirit of the student hotels employees and the attitude that The Student Hotel represents.

‘Bold, provocative and a bit cynical. But also happy, cheerful, friendly and sparkly at the same time. We’re a super international crew, not too serious for sure and we love partying.’

I decided that the pigeonman would be the character for this mural, and you will find him caught up in different situations on this 15 m mural that wraps from the office, alle the way around to the coffee corner.

Mural St. Nicolaas College

I got asked to guide students of the St. Niclaas Lyceum to make their own murals. The results are amazing! But the school gave me a stairwell to create something nice, so the students could also look at a mural of their guest teacher. The colours i choose match the St. Nicolaas corporate identity, and I tried to show the diversity of students a little bit that are seen on the St. Nicolaas lyceum.

Peters Music Attic

Peter and I share a love for music. We used to play in a band together called Poultry. Nowadays he lives together with his wife Roos and he got the attic to himself, so he transformed it into his music room. He asked me to make a mural. Off course I wanted it to have something to do with music, but also our friendship. The lyrics are from ‘the Smith Street Band’ song called ‘I love life’ (go check them out). They are an all time favorite band of mine, and I bought Peter a ticket once so he could come with me to one of their concerts. He didn’t know the band at that time, but he came to appreciate them as much as i do. So he asked me to incorporate these lyrics. The chickenhead resembles Poultry and Peter has a cat named Tiger. All these pieces together form this mural 🙂

The Giraffe takes care of Mijs

My good friend Gert Jan asked me to draw a mural for his unborn daughter mijs, so when she will be born, a friendly giraffe wil look over her. As a surprise, i hid a small stuffed animal in the mural.

Give me back my acorn!

Jeroen asked me to make a mural for his daughter Lola. It had to be friendly and playfull. Now she wakes up with a small bird looking over her bed and a bear, a squirrel and some acorns on her wall.

Palmtrees and beers for surfers

This Mural is made in the Drivethru surfcamp in Sri Lanka. While working and surfing there for 6 weeks, they asked me to make something that suited the surfcamp. I already drew a similar palmtree once, when they saw it, the choice was easily made 🙂