Hello! I am Justin,

after having worked fulltime for a while, I decided to quit and become my own boss. At first my time was mostly filled with developing and teaching all sorts of creative workshops, that I would mostly teach on different sorts of schools. Most of the workshops had something to do with photography or art/illustration.
Meanwhile I kept on drawing for fun as I have been doing all my life, until the point someone asked me to draw a graphic for a surfboard (this was 2014). Not soon after that I found myself filling up more and more time with drawing graphics for people and different kinds of brands, making murals and even selling drawings I just made for fun or commissioned works.
I mostly work with just fineliners op paper and a lot of my drawings have a sort of grim or cartoony feeling to them. But from time to time I also like to show in some watercolour or color the illustration digitally. Inspiration comes out of all sorts of things, like songs, or stuff I find funny, fascinating or absurd and that I just happen to stumble upon.
 Another big part of my work consists of making murals in office buildings, schools, kids rooms, etc. This work is mostly commissioned so I talk with the client about what they want and I get to blend that into my style which i really like doing because I get to draw a lot of different things that I wouldn’t come up with myself.
If you want to stay up to date and see more work, follow my instagram @helloiamjustin